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Custom Kernel For Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Base All MIUI ROM

i am currently running havoc os 3.5 on redmi 7 3gb variant the os is smooth but while playing pubg the game shuts down in between even running in default graphics and without gfx tool should i install a custom kernel and what kernel should i install

Custom Kernel For Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Base all MIUI ROM

Vendor ROMsMany of the online stores selling the redmi note 3 often load a custom english rom with google play store pre installed, while this may be very convenient, these roms have been known to contain adware and spyware. Furthermore these roms do not have OTA update, so you will not receive the latest security patches.

How to flash Official ROMs using MiflashThe following actions will reset the redmi note 3 back to it full original factory condition, removing any custom roms, recovery, and existing data; so please backup what you intend to keep. As stated previously YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNLOCK BOOTLOADER TO FLASH OFFICIAL MIUI ROMs.


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