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WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship !!INSTALL!!

One thing WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship does get right is the cars and the feel of a rally game itself. Cars are licensed and the tracks range from snowy mountains to green flat plains. Each rally has a star rating that resembles the difficulty of the stages before you play it. Overall the presentation in WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship is a giant lackluster, has a unfitting soundtrack, bad sound of the car engines, annoying announcer voice and the graphics of a late 90s games creates an ugly presentation throughout the entire package despite the licensed cars and cool tracks.

WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship

There are different classes of cars to choose from, every single car is licensed, which gives the game a true rally experience feel to it. The handling of the cars is decent, driving feels right for the most part and the game does feel proper for a rally genre racer. Your cars can also break certain parts throughout the races if you crash a lot. The game does feature a damage model, bumpers will start dragging and parts will fly off if you drive recklessly.

The fact that the game was missing a simple introduction tutorial on the gameplay mechanics and style of racing bewildered me. This is a rally racing simulator game, any simulator game should include some sort of a basic tutorial, and however, in this case the game did not.

WRC Experience is the other single-player mode. In here, you can set up a single race, a rally session or a full championship, which allows you to customise the order the countries should appear in. Looking around this mode shows how much content was pushed into this game. We are talking 83 rally tracks, 37 cars that cover a wide generation of motors, and around 50 drivers that feature in the WRC. If you are a fan of the sport then all this will be a fantastic inclusion for you.

Online multiplayer supports up to 16 players, but to get online you must have a GameSpy account, which is easy to sign up for. Since this is a rally game, you will only see the ghosts of the other racers as you set out to be the fastest driver around the chosen stage. Online even allows you to set up a championship with people; everything in the WRC Experience section is also featured in the multiplayer component of the game.

As a title that is trying its best to simulate the experience of driving a rally car in the WRC, the handling needs to be replicated closely to the real thing. Cars can be altered by modifying their suspension springs and dampers, gear ratio, differential, steering lock, handbrake strength, and brake bias. I normally left them as recommend, but having a mess with the settings in a single race did seem to affect the control of the car, so people who have more in-depth knowledge should be able to find suitable settings to their liking. If people are not confident in their driving skills, then there are options to make it easier to drive the cars.

WRC 3: The Official Game of the FIA World Rally Championship is the third game of the official license World Rally Championship. The player can play the 14 official rallies of the 2003 season, divided in 125 special stages. It gives the player nearly one thousand kilometres of driving. The player has the choice of seven official rally cars (Hyundai Accent wrc3, Citroen Xsara wrc, Peugeot 206 wrc, Ford Focus wrc03, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII wrc, Subaru Impreza wrc 2003m, and Skoda Fabia wrc) plus thirty-five more to unlock.

Game modes are Quick Race, Time Trial, and WRC. In the last mode (WRC), the player may enter a simple race or championship either with solo or multiplayer settings. It is also possible to test cars. Gameplay is almost the same of the previous opus, WRC II Extreme.

Quirin Muller, team manager at the Jipocar Czech National squad that runs the currently Dakar focused Martin Prokop, said "we have been waiting for four seasons for the privateers' championship which is promised every year to come for the next season".

Finnish driver Marcus Grönholm has won the 12th round of the FIA WorldRally Championship, the Rally New Zealand, which finished on the outskirtsof Auckland this afternoon. Grönholm and his navigator Timo Rautiainencruised through today's eight special stages to secure their fourth win ofthe season, and put themselves mathematically out of reach of their rivalsin the world championship points standings. Their team-mate HarriRovanperä finished second to secure a one-two for Peugeot. Subject toconfirmation from the FIA, the French marque has now won themanufacturers' title for the third year in succession.

Sporting: Marcus Grönholm knew that he only had to make no mistakes todayto ensure a fourth victory of the year and put himself mathematically outof the reach in the world championship, and the Finn tied up his secondtitle in some style. His only potential rival, Harri Rovanpera, failed tomake any impact this morning and when he hit hydraulic problems thisafternoon, Grönholm's winning margin extended to almost four minutes.Peugeot's fourth entry Gilles Panizzi brought his 206 WRC home in seventhafter an outing designed to give him experience of the New Zealand roads.

Marcus Grönholm said: "Of course I'm really happy about the rallyand the championship. It seems strange to have things tied up so early inthe season, but we've had a good finishing record this year. Apart fromwhen I was excluded in Argentina, we've only retired from one rally - theSafari - and we've been able to score points on most events. Today, Ispent some time checking my pacenotes today, so that I'm even betterprepared if the same stages are used next year!"

Harri Rovanpera said: "I'm pleased to get another podium finish and ofcourse it's good for the team to get another one-two and the championship.It was a difficult end to the rally for me after the hydraulic problems,because I only had rear brakes and the power steering or semi-automaticgearshift weren't working. I thought Tommi or Petter would catch me, butthey didn't."

Peugeot Total Team Director Corrado Provera said: "To achieve this doublesuccess here is extraordinary. It's a fantastic result for a team and amanufacturer who are really committed to rallying and this championship."

Tommi Mäkinen said: "There was no point to fight today, so we tried somethings to see if we can get a better feeling with the car on stages likethese. We have to keep pushing and looking for different settings and waysto find more speed because when you look at how this rally has gone, wehave not been able to really compete with the Peugeots. They have a bigadvantage now, and it's going to be hard to close that. Third is a goodresult for me, of course, but it's not the way that I wanted it - it wouldhave been better to get two cars to the finish and I feel really sorry forPetter."

Sporting: With a 50-second deficit to Tommi Mäkinen overnight and acushion of more than a minute to Juha Kankkunen, Ford's sole remainingdriver Carlos Sainz had no reason to take risks today. The Spaniardexperimented with differential settings as he consolidated his overnightfifth place. His only real scare came three stages before the end, when heslid backwards in a braking zone approaching a fast corner and hit a tree.Sainz's car struck a television cameraman in the incident without thedouble world champion even being aware of any contact. The injured partywas taken to hospital suffering a suspected broken leg. The bodyworkdamage on Sainz's car stopped just shy of the car's rear suspension and hecontinued, finishing fifth.

Juha Kankkunen said: "It's very good to get so many points for theteam. Scoring anything in the world championship these days is prettydifficult, so three points from such a long trip is good for the wholeteam. I don't know if we can do the same again in Australia, but thefirst-day road conditions should suit us again so anything's possible."

Sporting: Toni Gardemeister had shouldered Skoda's hopes in New Zealandsince the second stage of the rally, when his team-mate Kenneth Erikssoncrashed out. The young Finn started today's stages with little to gain,since he was over half a minute behind Gilles Panizzi and well over aminute clear of François Delecour. As a result, Gardemeister concentratedon not making any mistakes and he brought his car to the Manukau finish ineighth overall.

The crews faced typical Rallye Monte-Carlo conditions this morning, with the opening stage in particular covered in snow. Here, Tänak lost some time in his pursuit of the rally leader but he bounced back to win the following stage despite a damper problem. The TOYOTA mechanics resolved this in service and Tänak set another fastest time on SS11, going 15.3 seconds faster than anybody else despite being one of several drivers to take an unplanned diversion through a field. After setting the second-best time on SS12, he finished the day 33.5s from the rally lead.Latvala used his experience to excel in the tricky conditions on SS9 and climb up from fifth to third overall: a position he holds by more than three minutes overnight. Lappi lost touch with his team-mate after needing to change a tyre on SS11, but after some quick times on the following two stages, he is on course for a fine top-four finish in what is his first Rallye Monte-Carlo driving a World Rally Car.

This evening, the crews are driving their cars down to Monte Carlo ready for the final day of the rally. This will consist of two stages each run twice: La Bollene Vesubie-Peira Cava features the legendary Col de Turini where huge crowds will gather to witness the cars pass the summit, while La Cabanette-Col de Braus will host the rally-ending Power Stage before the finish back in Monaco.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team claimed the FIA World Rally Championship manufacturers' title* in style at the final round in Australia with a rally victory for Jari-Matti Latvala. Esapekka Lappi finished in fourth place to help Toyota clinch the manufacturers' crown in just the second season of its return to the WRC. It is the fourth occasion that Toyota has won the manufacturers' title in the WRC and the first time since 1999. 041b061a72


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