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Something In The DirtHD VERIFIED

Joe Dirt (David Spades) sits in an LA radio station telling Dennis Miller the sad tale of his life, from being abandoned at the Grand Canyon as a kid to losing the love of his life. As his story goes on, he becomes a sensation. There are a lot of funny sight gags in this flick, and though it didn't do great at the box office at its initial release, it's become something of a cult favorite on DVD.

Something in the DirtHD

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Our Downtown Phoenix hotel puts visitors within easy reach of Arizona's top attractions and company headquarters. Whether you're a prospective student in town to take a tour of Arizona State University or in the mood to explore the Western-inspired galleries and shops of Old Town Scottsdale, there's something for everyone in the Valley of the Sun.

The stands were filled with the regular fans. Vendors were slinging the raceway's signature tacos and energy drinks. But in the glittering air, every speck of dust casting a light beam slightly askew, something was missing.

Each Group E vehicle costs around $450,000, so organizers were taking a gamble debuting electric racing for a diehard fan base that exists in a world where the term "high-octane" has become synonymous with something extreme and exciting and cool. The rollout also struggled with setbacks due to the pandemic and supply chain issues, as the demand for lithium batteries increases worldwide. But Pankow said they looked at the sport, considered its future and that of the planet, and decided to take that bet.

But once the flag is waved, all the action is there. There's a saying in car racing, according to Pankow, that goes something like "rubbing is racing, meaning rubbing fenders, rubbing doors." For the entertainment of around 16,000 spectators over the course of the weekend, electric vehicles collided along the 1.2-km course as they drifted corners and jockeyed for position on either side of three 100-foot jumps.

Magnetic measurements are some of the many measurements being collected by Operation Ice Bridge. Rocks have different magnetic properties, so collecting magnetic data can tell us something about the type of rocks that are under the ice, assisting in refining our understanding of how the overlying ice will interact with what is below.

I know that I missed last week, no poem email. In the midst of so much uncertainty for everyone, I have been striving to keep my work hours solid and, of course, just trying to navigate the shifting social environment. First, the guidelines are about social distancing, but we still need to go to the grocery store and walk the dog, so everything must be done with care and attention. Then guidelines in our area state that we should be wearing masks and gloves in public. Going to the grocery store looks like going to the hospital. Eyes become furtive. Are people smiling a greeting behind those masks? Checkout counters now have plexiglass barriers erected. But there is also often a friendliness during our cautious outings. People, keeping their distance, say hello with the warmth of shared experience. Everyone is going through this. Everyone's life is disrupted. Everyone's plans have become questions. And a sort of community emerges.So I have been starting with little things...I have been making a point of regularly connecting with friends through online video calls. My day job has always involved working remotely, so our weekly office video conference call continues.Our kitchen counter once again holds jars of sprouts -- alfalfa sprouts, adzuki sprouts, lentil sprouts are a favorite. We have a tray of sunflower greens happily growing near the window. I loved growing sprouts in past years but had fallen out of the practice. This seemed like a good moment to start up again. The fresh food is wonderful, of course, but even more, I love the sense of life it brings into our home. Bright, growing green things. Gently watering them each morning and evening becomes a sweet communion with the living world.And that has led me to one of my bigger projects, starting a vegetable garden. I have a space in our yard that has been waiting for several years as I worked through my excuses. I had been telling myself that, while I liked the idea of growing vegetables, I didn't have a natural instinct for working in the earth. Air, fire, even water come fairly naturally to me, but earth, that feels like labor. Here's the thing, though-- I have to remind myself that I have been doing that earthy work. Nearly twenty years ago, something in my passionate, erratic nature found an inner sense of fulfillment and... just settled into itself. I have been consciously cultivating steadiness and follow-through in my life ever since, as a direction and as a daily practice. I surprise myself these days by how much satisfaction I derive from the quiet rhythms of each day and its small rituals. To me, that is earth. And, through significant labor, I have learned to love it like a mole. The nearness of mundane life. Its friendly jostling. Its tactile presence.So I have been digging in the earth this past week, running my hands through the soil. Today I'll be mixing in some compost and turning the soil. We haven't experienced our last frost for the season, but I'll be planting in a couple of weeks, a few early season vegetables -- and flowers for joy.Fields are to touch;each day nuzzle your way.Tomorrow the world.I hope you and your loved ones remain well and that you continue to find ways to be engaged with life, day to day and hand to earth. Have a beautiful day!

Now, rival company Ram promised something similar with the Ram 1500 REV, and that truck seems a little too tame to revolutionize the industry. So, it will be interesting to see how the Blue Oval moves forward with the development, marketing, and production of Project T3. 041b061a72


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