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[S1E7] Dissection

There was lots of s.e.x. this week. We had Connor and a random guy in the bathroom and Laurel and Frank getting it on outside, but the Wes/Rebecca scene had the distinct pleasure of being intercut with the dissection of Lila's dead body. Yeah, no thank you show.

[S1E7] Dissection

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In the present work we performed a structural dissection of the HPV-16 E7N IDD [27] by making use of a fragmentation approach in combination with spectroscopic and biophysical techniques. This domain belongs to a prototypical viral oncoprotein, which is considered as the main transforming protein from PVs and shares sequence similarity and functional properties with related viral oncoproteins. Moreover, the E7N IDD contains several linear recognition motifs located in its CR1 and CR2 regions that are responsible for its multi-target binding properties [37].

When James Gordon is shot by Victor Zsasz and his female assassins, Allen and Montoya bring him to Thawson at the dissection lab of Gotham University's medical school. Thawson is helpful towards Gordon, with a friendly demeanor. She also shows signs of attraction to him. Thawson appears to operate 'off the books', and it seems that Gordon didn't want to, or couldn't, go to a normal hospital facility. [1]

The Integral Anatomy Series demonstrates the whole body, layer-by-layer, integral approach to anatomy as developed and taught by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., since 1994, and published on DVD between 2005 and 2009. On-camera dissection shot from the viewers' perspective enables a visual, dimensional grasp of the material with a transformational effect on one's perspective and touch.

Scorpio Slasher's wisdom includes an epic take-down of Dr. Suess, a dissection of Marcus' motivations in life, and some of the most honest appraisals of the glory of burritos and ice cream that I have ever seen. Seriously, I had no idea Stewart had this in him! 041b061a72


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