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Jaxson DeVille is a 403-pound Jaguar who stands 8.5 paws in height (about 7 feet in human measurements). Jaxson's age is unknown, but he was first discovered in 1993 as a stray cat living at TIAA Bank Field. He lived in the south scoreboard watching the Jaguars' inaugural season until the 1996 season, when he officially became the Jaguars' mascot. Since then, our fans have fallen in love with Jaxson for his unpredictable behavior and his willingness to perform stunts for their entertainment. Jaxson is the self-proclaimed "Best Mascot in Sports." He was the first NFL mascot to have traveled overseas to visit our troops and do a zip line jump into a stadium.


Not a "Pick" as much as something I did with multiple picks, and pieces of my collection. I am an avid Jaguar fan, and all the items in the shadow box is from the inaugural season of the jags. Gameday magazines from two of the games (The inaugural game and one I went too w/ ticket stub), the jersey is an official (though not game worn) Beuerlein team jersey, the metal plate in the middle was signed by almost all the players at training camp in 1995 (Including future hall of famers (or at minimum ring of honor members) Tony Boselli and Jimmy Smith. Also includes a rare Hall of Fame game ticket (replica), pins from the inaugural game and hall of fame game, original logo mini helmets, bumper sticker, and a news article from USA Today after their big win over the Steelers at home when they started the season 2-4.

TWO WEEKS TO the day before Urban Meyer would be fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars -- less than one year into his fraught, scandal-ridden tenure -- he stands at a small black lectern deep in the bowels of TIAA Bank Field. He's here to offer up the latest reckoning for his inaugural season as NFL head coach, an experiment that is rapidly spiraling.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a professional football team, one of 32 member clubs of the National Football League (NFL), aligned in the South Division of the American Football Conference (AFC). Founded on Nov. 30, 1993, the team began play as an expansion team in 1995 and will compete in its 28th season in 2022. The team is owned by Shahid Khan, who purchased the franchise in January 2012. The club plays its home games at TIAA Bank Field, located near the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, Fla. Since their inaugural season in 1995, the Jaguars have won three division titles and made seven playoff appearances, playing in 14 postseason games.

The National Football League (NFL) today announced there will be two 2023 International Games in Germany next season. The Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots will make their debuts in Germany as designated teams, following the inaugural international game in Munich in 2022.

A big drop-off. After going 4-12 in their inaugural season in 1995, the Jaguars made the playoffs the next four years in a row, culminating in a 14-2 record in 1999. That season ended with a disappointing loss to the Titans in the AFC Championship Game in Jacksonville. 041b061a72


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